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Ways to Update Classic Furnishings in Your Home With Glass

Your home's interior is a reflection of your personal taste. From your furnishings to your decorating choices, you want your home to be beautiful and to portray the things you enjoy.

You can update classic furnishings in your home, such as bookshelves, tables (including end tables), and other pieces by incorporating glass into your furniture's existing design. Here are four ways you can update classic furnishings with beautiful glass inserts to give your home the appeal you desire.

1. Kitchen Cabinetry 

If you have a smaller kitchen and want to give your cooking space the illusion of being much larger, consider adding glass inserts in your existing cabinets. Glass can be custom cut from your wholesale glass supplier to be fitted inside cabinets that have been laser cut and framed to allow for glass to be inserted.

Your basic wood cabinets are given a whole new allure by having glass placed inside them. You can choose from frosted, beveled, plain, or other styles of glass to make your kitchen more unique.

You don't have to update all your cabinetry with glass inserts; decide which cabinets are best to put on display. Remember, glass inserts will make your cabinets more transparent, so you may not want to expose your food items or cooking supplies with new glass doors. Cabinets to consider upgrading to glass include:
  • Cookbook storage cabinets
  • Special-occasion table-setting cabinets
  • Overhead decorative cabinets
Your glass wholesaler will help you choose the best style of glass for your kitchen cabinets to make your cooking space more inviting and contemporary in design.

2. Tables 

Solid-wood tables are classic and durable. You can easily update a traditional dining room or living room table by replacing the current wood top with a glass top insert.

For tables you regularly use, a tinted, thick-pane glass is ideal. For tables you have for decorative use only, consider mirrored glass, which will reflect light beautifully and add a unique touch to your living space) or beveled glass.

Glass tabletops are easy to care for. Keep glass clean by using a traditional glass cleaner or a combination of vinegar and water for a streak-free finish.

3. Bookshelves 

Bookshelves are used to house books, pictures, and other treasured items. Bookshelves can also make a room appear smaller because the bulkiness of the shelves takes away from the square footage of a room.

You can make your bookshelves appear lighter and add more dimension to your storage spaces by having custom-cut mirrored or plain glass inserted in the back of your bookshelves. Mirrors are ideal for bookshelves used to house special items, while a glass insert may be better suited for bookshelves used to store books.

4. Picture Frames 

If you have an old picture frame you want to convert into a mirror, consider having a pane of mirrored glass cut to fit the frame's style. Mirrors can be cut with engraved edging to throw light or left in a solid design for a unique, one-of-a-kind mirror to display in hallways, entry areas, or anywhere in the home you want to add more dimension.

You can use glass to update your home in many ways. While some of these projects may seem easy to do at home, remember glass is very sharp and should only be handled by a professional. Refer to your custom glass cutting specialist to determine what glass thicknesses and designs will work best for your home's project. 

Your wholesale glass specialist will help you redesign your home around your budget. Call us at Wholesale Glass & Mirror today for all your custom and basic glass needs.