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The Benefits of Insulated Glass

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When living or working in a loud environment, such as near an airport or busy business district, having thin, uninsulated glass simply is not an option. When you need a little tranquility in your life, opt for double-glazed insulated glass to keep the noise and the elements out.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Standard glass does very little to reduce noise intrusion. Insulated glass, however, provides an airspace that breaks up the sound, reducing noise pollution by as much as 65 percent. Depending on the kind of noise you are dealing with, the depth and thickness of the glass can be customized to maximize the amount of sound reduction.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Besides noise reduction, insulated glass can also provide your home or business with significant energy savings. Double-glazed glass can help prevent heat from escaping from your windows, containing it between its two panes. Standard, uninsulated glass will let a lot of heat escape, costing you hundreds or thousands more every year in energy costs.

Make the Switch

Make your environment more comfortable and energy efficient with new insulated glass windows. When you spend a little extra on quality glass, you save on energy bills in the long run. For all of your wholesale glass needs, visit Wholesale Glass & Mirror in Asheville to start an order today.