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Reasons to Choose Safety Glass for Your Business

Safety glass should be an automatic choice for any business owner and given the same care and consideration as a security or fire alarm. The use of this particular glass over ordinary sheet glass increases all-around safety.

Safe for Merchandise

The biggest reason to install safety glass is for the protection it gives to any business. Safety glass is tempered by a special chemical process which makes it thicker and more resilient against breaking. Not only does it protect commercial businesses from theft, but it also prevents damage from natural disasters, such as extreme storms with high winds, rain and hail.

Easy to Handle

In the unlikely event that the glass does break, it is still safe to handle. First of all, unlike ordinary glass panes which often shatter into dangerous shards, safety glass is designed to break into small almost geometric cubes that do not cause any harm. In addition, safety glass often only breaks at the point of impact and stays in frame with no damage to adjacent windows.

Sound for Investment

Safety glass not only protects merchandise, but it also protects people. Any commercial environment that houses people should invest in safety glass to protect those who work in the space.
Safety glass is just a better product to have for a business. To view the safety glass that is right for your business, start by call Wholesale Glass And Mirror in Asheville at 828-254-8665.