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Incorporate Glass Into Your Home

Worker installing new window
Glass is a transparent or translucent material that transmits, reflects, and refracts light. Contemporary architects and designers use glass for its inherent strength, stability, durability, and beauty.

Glass is primarily used for windows in today's homes. Since glass can be formed into any shape, so it is also used for tiles, block walls, doors, showers stalls, enameled fixtures, tables, furniture, stairways and other home features.

You have some form of glass in every room of your home. Here are other ways that you can incorporate glass into your home.

Glass Bay or Bow Window Shelves

Bay or bow windows fill a room with light and offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. If you are thinking about building shelves in your home, you might not consider window shelves for fear of losing the light and the view.

However, you can have the light, the view, and also the window shelves, if you make the shelves out of tempered glass. Glass shelves installed across bay or bow windows will not block the light or the view, in fact, they will enhance it.

Ambient sunlight can shine through and around window glass shelves and fill them with light. These glass shelves can even become a small greenhouse when filled with growing plants.

Glass Fireplaces

Tempered glass is naturally heat resistant so it is appropriate to use for a fireplace. A glass fireplace can be free-standing with four glass sides or installed in a wall with one or two glass sides. Both of these glass fireplace designs will emit plenty of heat.

A glass fireplace fueled by natural gas can give off even more heat with the addition of tempered fire glass. Fire glass is tumbled and polished glass chunks that sit on the bottom of a fireplace to reflect the light and heat of a gas fire.

Fire glass can withstand high temperatures and does not create fumes, smoke, soot, or ash. Because it is tumbled, there are no sharp edges. Fire glass is available in many colors and lasts a lifetime.

Glass Room Dividers

You can use a sliding glass room divider to transform two rooms almost instantly. Many glass room dividers are installed on a metal track in the ceiling so there is nothing on the floor beneath them.

You can open or close a room divider to retain or disburse warm or cool air without losing or changing the natural light in either room.

Textured, patterned, and colored glass can be used in a room divider as a design element. You can also install wood or metal frames to hold the panes of glass and give the room divider a graphic look.

Glass Shelves

Tempered glass shelves can be hung in an alcove or on a small or large wall. For a contemporary look, these shelves can be bolted directly into wall brackets that are recessed in the wall so you cannot see the support system.

To light up the shelves, install light tapes or tube lights on the sides and backs of each shelf. This will create a glowing light on each shelf. The electrical connections for these lights can be embedded in the walls so they are unseen. To control these lights, locate a wall-mounted control panel off to one side.

To make use of the unused space in the corner of a room, install a series of glass corner shelves. Place pentagon, triangle, or quarter circle glass shelves in this corner with a variety of shelf brackets.

For innovative glass designs installed in your home, contact Wholesale Glass & Mirror in Western North Carolina. We specialize in custom designed and installed glass creations for your home.