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Energy-Efficient Glass Options That Are Worth the Cost

Energy-Efficient Glass
Heat escapes through your windows and the amount of heat that escapes is based on the type of windows you choose. A simple pane of glass is often not enough to keep your home energy-efficient. Because of the longterm cost savings, you should consider energy-efficient glass for the windows in your home.

Understand Your Climate

Selecting the right window begins by knowing the performance rating of the window. The performance rating of the window must be in relation to the climate where your home is located. In some climates, the energyefficient glass will have a stronger impact on energy savings for your home. This rating will allow you to narrow the selection and help you pick the best window for your home.

Choose Windows That Are Energy-Efficient During the Winter and Summer

Choose windows that have a low U-factor and low SHGCs. The U-factor measures the window's resistance to heat loss. The SHGCs measures how much heat enters the home through the glass. This will ensure that your windows will be energy-efficient during both hot and cold seasons. The whole-unit factors are more important than the center-of-glass factors.

Consider Low-E Window Coatings

Another way to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows is to use a low-E window coating. These coatings reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the glass. The film is microscopic and transparent but is able to reflect light and prevent heat transmission into the home.

Install Double-Paned Windows With Argon Gas

While having double-paned low-E glass installed is more expensive, it is worth the cost. This glass is filled with argon gas and provides much more insulation than a conventional window. The savings that result from the improved energy efficiency make up for the increased cost.
A triple-paned glass can further increase energy efficiency but has diminishing benefits that may not justify the cost. Argon gas prevents heat from escaping and also prevents UV rays from entering the home and raising indoor temperatures in the summer. 

Consider Applying a Heat-Absorbing Tint

A heat-absorbing tint will also protect the window from heat transfer. These are not as effective as other methods though because more heat will continue to pass through the window.

Find Other Ways to Make Your Window Energy-Efficient

While glass plays a major role in the energy efficiency of a window, all components conduct heat, including the frames. Therefore, it is important that each part of your window is energy-efficient. Aluminum or metal frames come with a thermal break. This is a plastic strip that is placed along the interior and exterior of the sash and frame.
If you want a wood frame, choose composite wood because this material comes with better thermal properties than traditional wood. Fiberglass frames should be filled with insulation, for instance, vinyl frames come with hollow cavities that are then filled with insulation.

Energy-Efficient Windows Are Worth the Cost

If you already have windows, replacing old, less energy-efficient windows is a great home remodel project because it offers the best return on investment. In addition, if you are like most homeowners, you are likely to enjoy your new windows, according to a 2015 Home Remodeling Report by the National Association of Realtors.
If you are not able to afford a home upgrade, you may qualify for a low-interest loan or another incentive depending on your locale. Any improvement in your home's energy-efficiency is worth the price.
If you are ready to purchase new windows, contact us at Wholesale Glass & Mirror. We offer glass for all sorts of projects, whether you are replacing your home's or your car's windows, our team of professionals can help.