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Choices fora Glass-Based Backsplash in Your Kitchen

Kinds of Backsplash
A backsplash is a kitchen essential. The main purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall. As such, backsplashes are commonly located behind sinks so they can protect from water splashing, which can cause warping and buckling. Another common location for the backsplash is behind the stove to protect it from food splashing.

Many homeowners choose classic ceramic tile for their backsplash and extend the backsplash the entire length of the counter to protect the wall. While tile will always be a beautiful option, you could also consider a glass backsplash. With a glass backsplash, you simply have to order the sheet in the desired dimensions. Then, a glass panel will be cut to the specifications of your space.

You have numerous options for this versatile style. For example, because the main purpose of a backsplash is protection, you can locate it anywhere you'll be doing food preparation. Read on to learn some of the other ways you can use a glass backsplash in your kitchen.

Protect Your Paint

A clean look for the kitchen is to have a shiny color as your backsplash, which you can achieve with glass. One method is to use the clear sheet to protect existing paint. The other method is to have the back of the glass painted with the desired color. The advantage to the former method is that the painted glass gives the backsplash more of a three-dimensional appeal.

Choosing the paint color is another story. The glass is going to give the color a sheen, so it's going to take center stage. That said, you don't want to draw all that attention to a neutral hue. The best approach is to choose your primary accent color, and use that for your glass backsplash.

Use Prints, Posters, or Other Graphics

The glass is the protective material in picture frames. You can take this idea and make it larger for your kitchen backsplash, just choose a print, poster, or another graphic that matches your kitchen décor, and then apply the glass layer. You can even have the glass covering wallpaper.

Think about the size of the backsplash and the overall décor of your kitchen. If you have a large space for the backsplash, then you may choose a sweeping graphic design. For a smaller backsplash, a simple poster or print may be more appropriate. You could choose one that's typical for the kitchen, such as a food-based image or a personal favorite.

Be deliberate in your choice of image as the glass backsplash can last for years. Just be sure the image you choose is one you can decorate around with relative ease.

Use Specialty Glass

Clear glass protecting the paint or a picture isn't the only way to add visual interest with your backsplash. The glass itself can come with patterning. Indeed, some glass is three-dimensional because it was cooled on a form to create a repeating pattern. However, food splashes might accumulate in the crevices, so choose patterned glass with care.

Other common specialty glass options include frosted or etched glass. Frosted glass tends to consist of a surface with regular patterning. With etched glass, you often get images. As with a graphic, choose etched glass with care, ensuring it's in an image you'll enjoy for a long time. Likewise, pay attention to the paint color behind the glass because it will interplay with the image.

Consider Your Edging Options

Whatever style of glass you pick, you'll have another big choice to make - the edging. You have about as many choices in edge finishes for glass as you do for natural stone - however, your backsplash glass probably won't be thick enough for the more elaborate finishes.

The most common glass edges for a backsplash are eased or pencil. An eased edge is a softened square, while a pencil edge is rounded. You can also choose to have the glass edged in metal, which will create a picture frame effect.

A glass backsplash opens up a world of design possibilities. Consult with the glass experts at Wholesale Glass & Mirror to design your glass backsplash.