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Beautiful Ideas for Using Mirrors in Your Foyer

Foyer in a Beautiful House

Mirrors can have a positive influence in your home. If you subscribe to Feng Shui practices, mirrors can move the flow of energy around your space. Even if you don't practice Feng Shui, the placement of mirrors can beautify your home. Since the foyer is the first stop for guests, you can use mirrors to create a positive first impression of your house.

Rationale for Hanging Mirrors in the Foyer

Hanging a mirror in the entryway is a classic decorating touch. First off, it's very practical - the mirror allows you to check your appearance before leaving the house. Secondly, a mirror is a good way to visually expand what might be a small space. Lastly, you can use a mirror to promote a décor style, thus creating a great first impression that guests will keep throughout the house.

According to Feng Shui principals, you shouldn't hang a mirror so it directly reflects the front door. Even if you don't subscribe to such principals, it makes sense that you don't necessarily want to confront visitors with their own reflection as they're entering your home. Rather, you want the mirror to reflect something stylistically or architecturally interesting.

Ideas for Entryway Mirror Placement

To find a good place for your mirror, stand near any walls that comprise your foyer, and try to eyeball what the mirror will reflect. Look for architectural items such as a stairway, windows, or arched entrances. That said, you don't want the mirror to reflect a private space, such as a bathroom or bedroom.

A mirror is also a gorgeous way to reflect artwork. The mirror can reflect the work of art directly, or you can present another view of the piece with the mirror's reflection. For example, My Domaine describes a home with a mirror that reflects the side of paintings. This reflection gives them a new visual interest in their shapes instead of the actual artwork.

You can also place the mirror so that it reflects something that's right in front of it. For example, you could place a plant or statue directly in front of the mirror, which will add to the texture that the item already creates in your space. You can also place a large mirror behind a table, which will help increase the visual space of your entryway.

Choosing an Entryway Mirror

As noted above, an entryway mirror can help promote your chosen décor style. The foyer is the first space visitors see, so it's a good place for setting the stage for the rest of their visit.

The frame of the mirror is the most obvious way of matching the décor style. So, if you like the shabby chic style, consider a mirror with a white or otherwise painted framed that you've distressed. An elaborate frame works well with old world styles. A simple frame in a primary color gives a sense of Pop Art to a modern foyer.

The framing for the mirror can also serve as a picture frame for the reflection. So, if the mirror is reflecting something like a window, staircase, or fireplace, choose a frame that complements that item. For instance, a mirror with stepped tops can be an attractive complement to a staircase.

That said, if you have beautiful architecture in your foyer and surrounding rooms, you may want to choose a simple mirror that just reflects your house's natural beauty. You can choose a custom-cut mirror that's installed directly on the wall with no framing. This is a good idea for modern style, too. In that case, consider having the mirror cut into a clear geometrical shape.

Harness the power of custom mirrors to create beauty in your foyer. Consult with the mirror experts at Wholesale Glass & Mirror for more ideas for using mirrors in your entryway.